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Some guys we know in a band called The Pillars Of Hercules have to change their name because there’s another band called Pillars Of Hercules nearby.  So we’ve thought of a few, and will add them here until a decision is made.

Our Offerings:

Concrete Steps The Interval Matters Flat Baroque Staccato Jokes
Sound Minds Kirk James’ Tea Coarse Correction Fretful Tiempo
Distortion Factor Intrinsic Error The Unacceptable Parfait Absinthe Minded
Solar Flannel Parrot Cake The English Nuthin’s Expired Voucher
Wilting Basil Korea Tortilla Solar Bears Pickled Beats
James Bondage Ursa Whiner Saturn’s Strings Jupiter’s Goons
Spare Chains The Space Food Six Carnival Personnel Vermin Shepherd
Milk Buds Cap’n Brunch Archer Maggot The Airstreams

As of 8-12-18 looks like they’ve decided on:

Or maybe not.  So on we go:

The Airstreams Captain Queeg Sonic Screwdriver Semantic Audio
Preliminary Hearing Desmond Jones Stinky Lomax Sylvia Jaffee
Maris Crane The Hose Washers Bites Of Joy Beaumont Livingston
Shiitake Fondue Local Cheese Curds The Knudsens Dragline

We’re down to four:

The Killing Dolls Chanel Chanel Kirk & The Jerks The New Colonials

No, we’re not:

The Modes Colonial Mode Escape Mode The New Colonials
To Be A Ninja Maybe Next Time Volume Ninja Ninja Mode

The Modes almost made it, but there’s a band in New York by that name.


And the Winner is:

Chanel Chanel & The Strange Worlds

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