7 facts about Klay Thompson’s night

1. Klay began the season 5-36 (14%) on three-pointers. He hadn’t made more than one three in a game all season. He went 14-24 from downtown on Monday. He went from 14% three-point shooting on the season to 32% in one night.

2. Klay made more threes in the first quarter (seven) than he had all season to date (five in seven games).

3. With 9:41 left in the third, Klay hit his 11th three-pointer of the night to get up to 41 points. Including that one, he took 10 threes over the next five minutes while chasing the record — or a three every 30 seconds. This included a stretch of four threes attempted in 100 seconds after he hit his 13th triple of the night.

4. While Curry (who held the record) was feeding him consistently at the end of the night, Draymond Green actually had seven of the three-pointer assists for Klay. Steph had four, and Kevin Durant had one (the final record-breaker). Klay hit two unassisted.

5. Via Aaron Barzilai, none of the shooters who had made at least nine threes in a game before had hit one every two minutes. Klay hit one every 1:51.

6. Much was made of Klay doing this in three quarters. Even that undersells the performance. He checked out for good with four minutes left in the third quarter. There was still one-third of the game (16 minutes) remaining when he left with 52!

7. 52 points, 14 threes, 29 shots, a shot for every 55 seconds on the floor … and not a single damn assist. Incredible.


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